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Jennifer Cottis artist and designer

ceramic sculpture


bowl representing waves - ceramic sculpture ceramic sculpture representing large wave waves crashing against the sea wall - ceramic sculpture waves crashing against the shore - ceramic sculpture sea pots - ceramic sculpture influenced by sea and waves large ceramic sculpture portraying sea texture and colour of large wave - ceramic sculpture waves crashing ahgainst the shore with steps sea meets shore - ceramic sculpture  steps between sea and moor - ceramic sculpture

‘sea meets shore’

ceramic fantasy birds - 3 interlocking pieces - stoneware with glazes, oxides and vitreous slips

fantasy birds

look out bird - stoneware with oxides and vitreous slips Big bird - stoneware with oxides and vitreous slips black bird - tall ceramic sculpture cockerel - stoneware with multiple glazes guitar bird french horn bird - stoneware with oxides glazes and vitreous slips

© JAC 2021

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‘musical birds’

approx 40cm tall stoneware with multiple oxides and glazes

If you would like your own individually made musical bird - contact


ceramic sculptures from the sea meets shore range are all hand made from stoneware clay and have oxides and vitreous slips with multiple firings to achieve the unique texture and colours representing the sea, shore and waves

if you are interested in purchasing a sea pot please contact


These examples from my fantasy birds range represent people I have known.

They are made from stoneware clay, some in 2 or 3 interlocking pieces, with oxides and glazes - and stand up to approx. 1 metre tall

Some are available to purchase