Works on paper

Home (mobile) wind against tide (1) - triptych, watercolour

Watercolours - of the sea

wind against tide (2) - tryptich - watercolour sea study, watercolour Saw mill Amanda, Kapeln, Denmark, conte drawing

Drawings and etchings - skulls

self portrait, dry point etching Memories, Culture cloud competition, top 40 artist, I love to dance, ink, watercolour and acrylic paint

Conte drawings - of windmills and boats

Sloten mill, Amsterdam, conte drawing Drying nets, fishing boats in the river at Boston, conte drawing

sketch books

examples from my sketch books

Yachts at Veere, Holland, watercolour sketch Yacht at Veere, (2), watercolour sketch Staithes from the Cowbar, watercolour sketch Staithes from the Cowbar, watercolour sketch Staithes, looking towards the Cowbar, watercolour sketch

Some of these pieces are available as high quality prints on watercolour paper.

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Home (mobile) Jennifer Cottis artist and designer